Wind energy harvesting in the urban environment – Quality assessment of large eddy simulations of flow separations

Winkelmann, U., Šarkić, A., Höffer, R. (2017)

in: Proceedings of the Internatial Conference for Wind Energy Harvesting WINERCOST 17, Coimbra, Portugal.


This work assesses the quality of large eddy simulations (LES) for an atmospheric boundary layer flow around a bluff body by using verification and validation methods. Additionally, the separation characteristics of the flow over a bluff body are inspected. This method is performed especially with regard to the analysis of the velocity field and the turbulent kinetic energy in the vicinity of the roof of a wall mounted cube for the effective positioning of small scale wind turbines in the urban environment. Various simulations settings are carried out and analyzed to optimize the computational costs of the simulation while maintaining high quality results.