Experimental and numerical investigation of the dust transport at the reflector panels of a parabolic trough power plant

Oya, J., Kalender-Wevers, C., Winkelmann, U., Höffer, R. (2013)

in: European-African Conference on Wind Engineering (EACWE2013), Cambridge, United Kingdom, 7-11 July 2013


The dust deposition zones at the reflector panels of Parabolic Trough Power Plant (PTPP) were studied. In the area, where the PTPP is situated, a considerable amount of aeolian dust and sand transport can be expected during daily local wind and strong wind events. The deposition of dust and sand material on the reflector panels of the PTPP can reduce the efficiency of solar energy collection. A physical wind tunnel study in combination with a numerical CFD-analysis for a single parabolic trough indicates for the deposition zones a high dependency on the orientation angle of the troughs.